How To Use Facebook To Market Your iPhone App

facebook1Using social media outlets to market your iPhone app is imperative. One of the most important is Facebook because users are one click away from downloading your app. Creating a Facebook Fan Page allows the people who use your app to easily share with their networks. Users will be able to list your app on their info pages, interact with you, the app creator, other fans on the Fan Page wall, and more. Using Facebook for iPhone app marketing is both easy and effective. Just follow these few simple steps and it’ll help boost the sales of your app and expand your market.

STEP 1. Create a “Fan Page” for your app

What is the first thing you do after checking out a cool app on your iPhone? You tell people about it! Creating a Facebook Fan Page allows the people who use your app to easily share with their networks the great app they just used and provides you with a free, “mini website” to interact with the fans of your app.

Using this link ( select “Brand or Product” then “Electronics” or “Games/Toys” or “Software” and follow the step-by-step instructions to begin completing your page. Once you’re done, users will be able to list your app on their info pages, interact with you, the app creator, and other fans on the Fan Page wall, and share the link with their friends through email and other social networking sites.

One important option to take advantage of is giving your page a username (after you reach 25 followers you’ll be able to do so). For example goes to the Words With Friends iPhone app fan page. Having a username in your URL will be much easier for people to navigate your app’s page than suggesting they search for your app on Facebook. Plus, your link looks much cleaner.

STEP 2. Keep your page updated

Once you’ve created your page, you need to keep it up to date with fresh content. It’s standard practice to post three to four times a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays having the highest click through rates) being conscious not to “overshare” or fans will unsubscribe from your page.

When fans post on your wall, be sure to respond to them in a timely fashion and respond to their comment or question. Facebook is a conversation and that means both parties have to participate.

STEP 3. Give your fans content they can’t get anywhere else

You’ve accumulated some fans, now you need to keep them coming back.  Providing them with content they can’t find anywhere else rewards them for liking your page and can help you at the same time.

You can take screen shots of your app in action and post the photos to your Fan Page. This will give fans a glimpse into your app, perhaps into a higher level if it is a game or a function that is available that is unique to your app. In the “discussions” section, you will be able to keep your fans up to date on whatever it is that you are working on. You simply click the “discussions” option, select “start new topic,” fill out the topic title and then write a post about it. Your fans will be free to read and reply to all posts on the discussion board.

STEP 4. “Like” it

A page allows people to “like” your iPhone app’s page. A fun fact is that when people “like” your page, it helps in your search engine rank. Google figures that if people are “liking” your page, it must be pretty good and worth seeing. One note about liking things; make sure that you click around to other app’s pages and “like” them. Odds are, they’ll “like” you right back.

The Fan Page for the iPhone app Angry Birds is a great example of how fans can show their appreciation and love for an app.

STEP 5. Keep your fans in the know

Once you start to rack up fans of your iPhone app, it is a nice gesture to keep them informed of any technological updates of your app. For example, Zombie Farm updated it’s Fan Page status to say, “iPad version update coming this weekend!” to let fans know the app’s expansion from iPhone to iPad.

Tap Fish, a virtual aquarium, informed fans via Facebook Fan Page that they could add a newly released salamander to their tanks.

People like to remain informed. More importantly, people will keep checking your page not only because of your entertaining app, but also to see if there are any updates from the technological side of things. Keeping your fans informed will help maintain your current fans, keep them happy, and produce more fans.

STEP 6. Badge and advertise

To let the public know you’ve created this fantastic Facebook page for your iPhone app, be sure to add a Facebook badge somewhere on your blog or website so people can click right over to it. Finally, consider utilizing Facebook’s advertising space. You can buy ad space on Facebook. You’ll be able to create your own custom advertisement by filling out the URL, title, and body of your ad. Then, you just have to add a photo, be sure to use a thumbnail of your app icon as the photo, and preview. Facebook ads allow you to choose your audience by age, sex, location, interests, even by place of employment. You’ll also be informed how many are in each demographic, which will allow you to target your advertisements to the exact market you want to reach. Facebook allows you to set a daily budget and you can also adjust it at any time, so you won’t break the bank.

So, be sure to hop on over to your Facebook account and set up a page for your iPhone app. It is an effective way to market your creation and it will allow you to connect with your fans. Here are three Facebook fan pages for app we think are worthy of your attention.

Angry Birds

Zombi Farm

Tap Fish

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