Pre-Launch Your iPhone App with an Email Campaign

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Anyone engaged in mass marketing of any kind must include an email campaign in their marketing plan. This especially is true for iPhone application developers because potential buyers are one click away from downloading an app from iTunes.

Email marketing can be extremely successful in making iPhone App sales go through the roof. Consider the makers of an iPhone app called “Voices.” They had an existing email database of more than 600,000 people built up over time. When Voices was released in the iTunes store, they sent out a single message to their list and sold more than 300,000 apps in just 30 days and became the number one paid app in almost every nation across the world.

Mike Vallez, an iPhone marketing expert, says a good yardstick to use to avoid annoying people with unfocused, repetitive pitches is to send no more than one or two messages in a 30-day period. Another advantage of this rule is it forces you to methodically review what you are going to say as you only have two chances to get it right. Mike Vallez is co-author with Bryan Bowers of a very useful book,“Secrets to Effective iPhone Marketing: 20 steps to Better Better Market Your iPhone App” (, that I recommend reading before launching your iPhone marketing efforts.

In a press release, marketing letter or email message be sure to have a Call to Action. The Call to Action convinces someone to do something – now! The Call to Action might be to sign up for a newsletter, check out an article, purchase your app ,or download a free report. Key elements to creating a Call to Action are:

Free Add-on: Offer an extra map,extra game level, cheat sheet or free accessory or something else that goes with or helps with your app.

Deadline: Offer something of value for free that expires in a short time frame.

Discount: Also works great with a deadline.

Exclusive Offer: Give something that makes user part of an exclusive group, something not offered to the general public. Make them feel special.

A major use of an email marketing campaign for an iPhone app is to create a pre-launch buzz campaign. The goal is to make people aware of your new app and create excitement and anticipation for the app.

Any successful email marketing campaign must begin months before the launch date because success hinges upon having in place an email database that you developed yourself. Spammers buy lists and use email tools to steal pass words form websites and blogs but this is not the way to build a list or to do business and it will make you vulnerable to civil or criminal charges.

To build a quality database of names, select email address of individuals who will actually have an interest in your application. Start building your database by including people you know – friends, family, neighbors, customers, co-workers, church members, etc. These are people who know you and want to see you succeed. And these are individuals who will be more inclined to forward your message to other people which accelerates your campaign and helps it go viral.

Even if you hire a professional marketing specialist it still is necessary to have a solid data base on hand because a list of email addresses that are relevant to potential customers is not something you can buy.

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