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Creating Buzz for Your iPhone App with Social Media

San Jose, CA – iPhone users, almost by definition, are technology savvy individuals who are ready to embrace new technology and to embrace much of what the technological world has to offer. For that reason alone iPhone users are very likely to be heavily involved in social networking. “iPhone app developers who want to market […]

How to Promote Your iPhone App

How to Promote Your iPhone App With 200+ New Apps Created Every Day, Developers Need to Rise Above the “Digital Dust” Plymouth, MI — iPhone App Marketing is the most important part of iPhone app development says Scott Lorenz, President of Westwind Communications an iPhone App marketer. “There’s no doubt that creating, developing and selling […]

Pre-Launch Your iPhone App with an Email Campaign

By Scott Lorenz Westwind Communications The greatest use of personal computers and laptops in America, by far, is email – reading, sending and deleting emails. In fact, for many people the only reason they ever turn their computers on is to check for the “you have email” message. And so anyone engaged in mass marketing […]

RanDinger App Rings up Ringtones Randomly- Then Allows Immediate Purchase

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – Having an unusual or distinctive musical ringtone on your smart phone makes a statement, but it’s much more intriguing when you step back and let RanDinger select the ringtone for you. RanDinger is a new Android App developed by Twisted Castle a mobile development company specializing in Android applications, partnered with […]

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