RanDinger App Rings up Ringtones Randomly- Then Allows Immediate Purchase

ICON_01ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – Having an unusual or distinctive musical ringtone on your smart phone makes a statement, but it’s much more intriguing when you step back and let RanDinger select the ringtone for you.

RanDinger is a new Android App developed by Twisted Castle a mobile development company specializing in Android applications, partnered with 7digital Limited.

RanDinger delivers random ringtones to you based on certain criteria. Currently there are four options for ringtone delivery; top tracks, top tracks by selected artist, all tracks by selected artist, or tracks by genre. If an artist or genre mode is chosen, you must then select either an artist or genre. After the initial setup has completed, you’ll begin receiving random ringtones based on your selection. After a call has completed, you’ll then have the option to purchase the full track from the 7digital online music store, to be downloaded directly to your phone, or accessed online at www.7digital.com. Each new call will feature a different song. If you like U-2, then the next time your phone rings it could be “Beautiful Day” or “With or Without You.” Or if Kidd Rock is more your style then you might hear “Born Free” or “All Summer Long.”

Then ,if you want a particular tune you can buy the full track, in MP3 format, right then and there for $0.77 to $1.49 and save it directly to your Android phone. All music and album art is provided by 7digital Limited. The fees are charged to a credit card on file at setup.

RanDinger, developed by co-founders Jeff Sibbold and Bryan Kelly, is available free now with limited functionality. For only $2.99 the app user will enjoy multiple functions and will be provided with an unlimited number of free ringtones. RanDinger maybe purchased at the Android Market. Find out more including user reviews on AppBrain at: https://www.appbrain.com/app/randinger/com.TC.RanDinger

About Twisted Castle

Twisted Castle is a mobile development company specializing in Android mobile applications featuring a team of young motivated individuals looking to create quality products with innovative ideas. Twisted Castle developed RanDinger, an Android ringtone App and has an iPhone App version in process. Multiple patents are pending on the ringtone technology.

BryanKelly (age 22) is a graduate of Computer Science from Western MichiganUniversity. Besides experience as an App developer, Kelly developed an inventory management system for a property management company in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Jeff Sibbold (age 26) (pronounced ‘Sibb-Old’) graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a degree in Computer Science, Film and Video. While at U-M, Sibbold worked on Vmerse (short for Virtual Immersion) which is a virtual U-M campus that allows users to walk a virtual character around Ann Arbor and visit specific digitized areas of the campus. Both Sibbold and Kelly reside in Plymouth, Michigan. Twisted Castle is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Media Contact: For an interview with Jeff Sibbold or Bryan Kelly contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Droid App Publicity at scottlorenz@iPhoneAppPublicity.com or by phone at 248-705-2214 or https://www.DroidAppPr.com/