Smart Phone Apps: DIY, Template, or Hire a Developer?

ScottLorenzPresidentWestwindCommunications_141w_200H_copy-141x150by Scott Lorenz Westwind iPhone App Publicity

There seems to be a smart phone app for everything these days. Do you have an app idea in the back of your mind, but you just don’t know how to go about creating it? Well, fear not. You’ve got options. You can either choose to create the app yourself from scratch, you can use a template or you can hire a developer to create the app for you. Either way, creating an app for your product or service is a fantastic marketing tool. Chicago-based company Red Foundry, Inc. allows business owners to create an app for free using their templates. If you have a membership to Apple’s developer program (which costs $99 a year), you’ll be able to publish the app to Apple’s mobile-software marketplace. But if that seems a little too intense for you, Red Foundry can publish the app. They’ll also give you performance analytics for just $39 a month. Early next month, the company is planning to offer a platform for Android mobile devices. The entire app-creating process takes about six days. The process is something of a fill-in-the-blank, with you adding your own images and company or service information. It is all pretty straightforward and appears to be relatively stress-free. If you’re more of a do-it-yourself person, you can make your app sans template. If you’ve got some programming experience under your belt, then you might want to create your app from scratch instead of using a template. You can download software-development kits from Apple and Google, which will allow you to use the programming languages behind apps. Granted, these kits come with some helpful hints and tools, but you’ll need to be tech-savvy to successfully use them. Let’s circle back to this Apple developer membership. It will let you publish as many apps as you like for an annual fee of $99. As for the Android side of things, they only charge a one-time $25 developer-registration fee for publishing apps to their marketplace. So, if you’re happy to log the hours of labor, and pay Apple and/or Android, then by all means, create the app yourself.

A third option is to get in touch with an app developer and have them create the app for you. Twisted Castle is a mobile development company specializing in Android applications. They’re a team of young, motivated individuals just looking to create quality products and innovative ideas. If you contact Twisted Castle, they’ll take care of the entire app creating process for you. So, if you’re not too technologically savvy or if you simply don’t have the time to devote to developing an app yourself, give Twisted Castle a call and they’ll deliver the app results you covet.

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