Using Photos to Promote Your iPhone Apps

Smartphone applications are a great way to promote your organization.  However, having an app released is n’t going draw in subscribers unless you advertise effectively.  Nationally recognized advertising agency Professional Advertising recently found that, Twice as many readers will look at a photo than read a headline.  By using a graphic, you are getting the attention of twice as many people.”  A photograph will grab the attention of potential customers and will serve as a first impression of the product and company.

Since the photo is the first representation of the product seen, it is crucial that it effectively communicates the intended message.  To ensure that your smartphone app is properly targeting your audience, I’ve put together some tips on how you should be Using photos to promote your iPhone apps.

The New York Times article Use of Pictures for Advertising lists off a few reasons why imagery is so powerful in product marketing:

  1. People want pictures.  It helps them visualize the merchandise
    and give them a better idea of what you have for sale than a mere description would.
  2. Illustrations attract attention better than the most striking headline.
  3. Pictures perform the cardinal principles of advertising, since they (a) attract attention; (b) arouse interest; and (c) create desire

Photographs that depict people using the product give the customer a better idea of what the product is used for and how they can incorporate it into their own individualized lifestyle.

According to Dr. Laurie Babin, a professor of Marketing at the University of Louisiana, Monroe, “It can be argued that because imagery is believed to be more closely linked to long-term memory, is more personally relevant, and is richer, its effects on consumer attitude and intentions will be more robust than stimuli which do not engage such depth and breadth of information processing.”

Now,let’s talk about some components of the picture itself. Here is a list of tips for taking a great photo as determined by Apple advertising photographer Hunter Freeman:

  • Get to know your subject. Whether you are taking the photos yourself or have hired a third party vendor, make sure the photographer is familiar with the product.It will give them a better idea of the direction you want to go in and will minimize room for error and/or miscommunication.

Study how the light interacts with the subject. Try various lighting styles and see which ones work best for your particular promotion.

  • Most importantly, keep it simple. Hunter Freeman’s compositions always follow his golden principle, the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). Don’t add unnecessary objects into the picture and avoid clutter. Ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” If it is not complementing the centralized focus, it’s distracting attention away from it.

Take photographs that demonstrate how the iPhone application can be used. Consumers will be interested to see screenshots of the application and will visualize how it can be integrated in their lifestyle.

Once you have a collection of pictures, it’s time to start positioning them so that they can reach as many people as possible. A good place to start is to upload the images to your webpage and/or social networking sites (facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.). According to Transfer Express, a leading promotional company on using pictures to promote businesses, advertising your smartphone application on your website(s) will not only get the word out about your app, but will also, “improve your site’s ranking with search engines.” Once your app photo is uploaded to your

webpage, make sure it is tagged and indexed so that Google can pick up on it.

Tony Luna, founder and President of Tony Luna Creative Services and Apple advertising photographer, has educated thousands of businesses on how to use photography and graphic design to self-promote. In an article he wrote on marketing, Luna highlights the importance of e-mail for promotional purposes. According to Luna, people don’t mind email promos, as long as they are easy to read, have an intriguing image, and contain a link to the company’s website. Utilize your social network and send them an e-mail with details about the release of your application and ask them to send it on.

Luna also stresses the importance of having a functional promotional item. Luna says, “There is nothing better than having your work in front of your potential client instead of stuffed away in some cluttered drawer…I am always on the lookout for self-promotions that people feel compelled to keep on the top of their desks and refer to everyday.” Find a way to incorporate your image in your establishment (flyers, posters, desk calendars, etc.) so that prospective customers are exposed to the application.

In the end, Luna believes, “that the most important aspect is to make ourselves unique in the marketplace and allow others to buy into our personal perspective.”

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